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Fair Keep millennials involved by being FAIR

How to keep Generation Y involved for longer than just 15 minutes of fame? Great that you managed to create a good campaign which received a lot of positive reactions. But it doesn’t end there. A frequent mistake is to take a break whenever something goes well. Wrong: you have to keep your young consumers involved. If not, you just had your fifteen minutes of fame, but you want to be legend, or not? Follow the FAIR model: FAIR = FAst, Innovative and Rewarding. So if you want fame? Be FAIR!

The FAIR model is step 4 in our 5 step plan for marketers to improve your marketing to the demanding Gen Y customers (based on interviews with 21 global marketing executives, such as Converse, Heineken, Abercrombie & Fitch, Reckitt & Benckiser and many more).

Be FAst

The faster you react towards your consumers, the more likely you are to have a bound with them. It’s all about conversations: the more fluent you communicate with each other, the better you will understand each other. Fast action shows them that you actually listen and care. And it’s not only about acting fast literally on Facebook or Twitter, it’s also about monitoring their behavior and keeping on learning more about them. Go out and talk! As their world is so rapidly changing, an on-going approach is the most successful way for keeping up.

Let’s get Famous
Famous is the first advertising agency which truly connects with consumers, in order to make their campaigns more relevant. For consumers and for their clients. Via an on-going online research community, Famous has a constant connection with consumers. Not only campaigns, but also trends, brand positioning and strategy are discussed. Famous is always in touch with consumers and can ask questions at any moment of the day.


Innovate (or let them innovate)

Standing still is going backwards. By innovation you are showing interest, creativity and proactivity. Always question your product with the end-user in mind. And very important: involve your users in the innovation process. They will feel heard, appreciated and will stay loyal to the brand they helped building.

Reward them for their loyalty

The pragmatic GenYer won’t do anything for nothing. Showing them your appreciation for the fact that they choose you is key. Compare it with a relationship: you also like appreciation for the fact that you’re committed, no? Some nice words, a little surprise, a gift… It makes you feel appreciated and motivates you to go on! Going beyond the obvious could even make your consumers happier: a random act of kindness is an instant satisfier.

Durex sponsors Valtifest, a festival in Amsterdam. The theme of one of the previous editions was religion. A sign dropped from the sky upon the festival visitors when Durex dropped 3,000 condoms on the festival terrain. A random act of kindness. Ilse Westerik, Senior Brand Manager Personal Care Reckitt Benckiser.


Read the full paper to find out more how to improve your marketing to Generation Y.

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