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Unique is chic Unique is chic

While once upon a time being different was considered social suicide, these days unique is chic. Fashion and style to Millennials is all about individuality and most young people want to experiment, they want to be seen as fashionable, they want to get noticed… albeit within the confines of what’s accepted. Identity formation for young people has changed, and is constantly being refreshed to suit their mood or persona. The forming, reshaping and remixing of one’s identity can be taken to even further extremes with the tools and resources available to Millennials today. There are more sources of inspiration and more opportunities for identity experimentation. These weren’t available for Boomers, even Xers. We call it ‘try-dentity’. Their self-expression through fashion is a huge part of this.

Our Millennial audience tell us that in tough economic times their #1 priority spend is not their phone, or food… it’s clothes. Over ¾ of Millennials see fashion as the best way to express their personality and they’re simply not willing to compromise this when image means everything to them. The importance placed on having an original style is significant, and their points of reference are wide, spanning different cultures and genres as well as the people they’re familiar with including music artists to their own peers. In response to such desires from Millennial consumers, MTV has just launched a dedicated digital style platform – www.districtmtv.com – which leverages MTVs unique connections to music, fashion and pop culture to enable Millennials to discover, explore and share the latest fashion and style trends around the globe.

MTV District

To read more about Millennials sources of style inspiration, hip hop culture and sneakers, celebrity endorsements, Asian street fashion and more… Check out the latest issue of Sticky at www.mtvsticky.com and follow us on Twitter @MTVSticky.

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