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Risk Young professionals and risky tech behavior

Would you ever beg to use a stranger’s mobile phone? Or entrust your Facebook or e-mail password to your friends? You think ‘no, not at all’, but whether you like it or not, we all engage in risky tech behavior sometimes. That’s at least what we can derive from the 2011 Cisco Connected World Technology Report, reflected in the infographic displayed below. By means of a lot of data of different countries, risky tech behavior among young professionals is explained, divided  into three main themes: computer & password management, questionable behaviors and lost or stolen devices. The main focus lies on young professionals from the USA, compared with young professionals from other countries.

Computer & password management

When we take a closer look at young professionals and the supervision of their computers, we can state that young professionals from the US are very vigilant about their computers, especially compared with the ones from China and Russia. Only one fifth of them would let co-workers, family members or friends use their computers and most of these young professionals would never allow others to use their computers without supervision.
Password management on the other hand is less well handled by US young professionals. Only 28% change their passwords regularly, while 68% Russian young professionals do this occasionally.

Questionable behaviors

Next to some findings concerning young professionals using a wireless device in a public setting, the report focussed on extreme internet behavior (like asking a stranger for wireless access or paying an outrageous fee to access the internet at a public location) as well. Again in this context, young professionals from the US seem to be very vigilant. The exact numbers can be found below, but almost none of them has ever asked their neighbor or a complete stranger for internet access, asked a stranger to use their mobile phone or attempted to hack a secured wireless network.

Lost or stolen devices

A last theme of the report focuses on the number of times that young professionals already have lost or had their mobile phone, laptop or other device stolen. And guess what? Derived from the percentages, US young professionals are doing well yet again.

So, let’s all take an example from US young professionals, reduce our risky tech behavior and make this world a little safer :-).

Young Professionals & Risky Tech Behavior

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