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WhY I'm unique? by Generation Y around the world WhY I’m unique? by Generation Y around the world

This global Gen Y research report by InSites Consulting shares insights into what uniqueness means for Generation Y. The full report offers results for¬†over 15 countries worldwide. Some hot take-aways: The big majority of Millennials find themselvers unique. Russian, Romanian and especially Brazilian Yers are absolutely convinced that they’re truly unique. This perception is mainly driven by the things they say to others, the clothes they wear and the music they’re listening to. In the BRIC countries, the (future) profession is as important to be unique. In India and Russia, brands one uses, are important to be distinctive as well. Across the globe, besides being a good friend, values like kindness, reliability and honesty are very important. In Brazil, Poland and Romania, being smart is as least as important!

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