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Johnny Depp, Obama and Lady Gaga are the coolest people Johnny Depp, Obama and Lady Gaga are the coolest people

Johnny Depp, currently doing brilliantly again in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadow, is the coolest celebrity according to the Millennials in the US. About 1 out of 3 youngsters (31%) quote him as ‘cool’ and that is a much better result than the other actors in the top 5 such as Sandra Bullock (14%) and Jessica Alba (14%). Lady Gaga (16%) is the coolest musician and if the American youth had a say in it, Barack Obama would easily make it as President of the United States again. 16% of the youth consider Obama to be cool, which puts him in the “overall” top 3 of coolest celebrities in the US. Angela Merkel and Richard Branson on the other hand cannot count on the youth’s appreciation. They compose the list of least cool famous people, nobody in the US thought they were cool. These are new results of a recent InSites Consulting youth study in over 15 countries.

In order to be cool when you are famous, you should mainly stay loyal to your own unique and original identity. Furthermore you should not be too distant from your fans, you should not feel better than others and you should build a close connection just like a friend would. Although Lady Gaga hasn’t been releasing any new material in the past months in the U.S., leaving the momentum for other stars like Rihanna, Kate Perry or Nikki Minaj, she has 25 million Twitter followers and twice as many Facebook fans. She’s using these media to communicate very personally on a daily basis about her own life and to lament to her ‘little monsters’ (fans). When her new album will be released, this fan base will instantly put her back in the spotlights, leaving all the others in her shadow

By now Madonna has been overtaken almost everywhere by Lady Gaga, except in Russia, Brazil and Italy, where the ‘Queen of Pop’ is still part of the top of the coolest people. Even a Super Bowl performance couldn’t change the tide.

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