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8 things Gen Y'ers will NOT buy: Here's WhY 8 things Gen Y’ers will NOT buy: Here’s WhY

Consumer tastes are changing at a greater pace than ever before and the youngest generation(s), are showing the most dramatic shifts of all. Generation Y (those born between 1980 and 1999), is one of the most important generations with a large influence power. Many products that used to be a hype are now declining in popularity among youth. The website 24/7 selected 8 things the Facebook generation/GenY’ers will NOT buy (anymore). They’ve identified eight of the country’s (US) most popular products that are losing favor, either solely among young adults or at a significantly higher rate among that group. To demonstrate these products’ waning popularity, 24/7 reviewed data from a number of major research firms and government agencies. I’ve added my personal GenY-opinion on each of this products and services, too…

1. Email

In 2010, at the launch of Facebook’s then-new messaging service, Mark Zuckerberg predicted the decline of electronic mail, stating that “Email is too slow … email is too formal.” Time is proving Zuckerberg right.

“As a Gen Y’er myself, I use email only professionally and not to chat with friends. Email is easy to use and also to attach a document for further information but it’s not something world changing.”

2. Beer

Light beer has become to the current generation of youth what regular beer
was just a few decades ago.

“As a Belgium Gen Y’er, I believe the light beer will never dominate the real stuff! How strong the marketing campaigns will be, they’ll never win sympathy. When somebody chooses not to drink alcohol, they will prefer to drink soft drinks instead of light beer.”

3. Newspaper

While readership rates for print newspapers are dropping, in the US the younger generation has abandoned the medium the most. Gen Y also has among the highest rates of people reportedly receiving news through social networking sites or Twitter.

“The environmental awareness is high in these days also by Generation Y. As a Gen Y’er I prefer to read a newspaper on the internet or via an application on my tablet or smartphone.”

4. Cars

As recently as 1998, 64.4% of potential drivers ages 19 and younger had drivers licenses, according to the Federal Highway Administration. As of 2008, that amount had dropped to 46.3%. Additionally, 46% of drivers aged 18 to 24 report that they would choose Internet access over owning a car, according to research firm Gartner.  Today, only 22% of drivers are under 30.

“As a gen Y’er I know more than ever how important freedom is and that is just what you can obtain with a license. Despite the high costs I could not miss it for a day.”

5. Landline phones

Landline phones are losing popularity among Generation Y, who are becoming increasingly content with only having wireless phones.

“Landline phones appear to me as something prehistoric. I don’t use it, it is exactly useless and usually only used by my parents. We can almost say we hate a landline phone because they ring on the most irritating moments.”

6. Cigarettes

Smoking rates among young people have historically exceeded those of the general population. Now that group is dropping the habit quicker than anyone.

“As a Gen Y’er I know that an opinion from a friend is very important but also the effect of the advertising campaigns matters, I guess. Now the advertising campaigns for tobacco are banned for a while, I think the popularity will decline slowly but cigarettes will disappear from the scene eventually.”

7. Desktop computers

Millennials are the only generational group to be more likely to own a laptop computer than a desktop. Ranjit Atwal, research director at Gartner, states in LAPTOP Magazine that those in Generation Y simply “are not buying PCs as their first, or necessarily main, device.”

“As a Gen Y’er myself, I know that convenience is an important factor when we buy a product. A desktop computer is large and difficult to move, two factors which are the opposite of a portable. A portable offers more opportunities, whether you’re at home or not.”

8. Television

Adults aged 18 to 24 watch less traditional television than any other age group in the country, according to Nielsen’s most recent Cross Platform Report. That group, on average, watches just under 24 hours per week. The national average is approximately 32.5 hours. One of the leading reasons for this difference is Generation Y’s relationship with the Internet.

“It seems that the world of a gen Y’er is occupied by internet. In our childhood we were sitting hours for the television but now internet has taking over for sure!”

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