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A New F word for Millennials A New F word for Millennials

In times of economic gloom and rising unemployment among youth, Millennials yet again remain positive and upbeat. In fact, 67% of young people in Europe say that they NEVER use the word “failure” to describe how they feel and 70% are positive that they will get their dream career. Their self belief is still very evident with 76% of young people in Europe saying they feel THEY can teach older colleagues things in the workplace and 73% agreed you can go against conventional wisdom in the workplace.

Check out Sticky who this month investigated the Millennial Working World. A combination of articles written by international Millennials and some brand new research from Be Viacom, this issue of Sticky provides diverse insight into young people’s attitudes towards entering the working world, the millennial career dream, young entrepreneurial spirit, the importance of mentoring in the workplace and loving their jobs.

Find out more about young people’s attitude to the new F word – failure, how they are ‘ignoring the crisis’ and their drive to achieve their dream job. Sticky is Be Viacom’s youth culture, trends and insight online magazine that shares knowledge, information and understanding of young people from around the world.  The new research was conducted with Be Viacom’s ‘My MTV’ panel, and sampled 600 young 15-34yr olds from six European markets on what they thought about jobs, careers, money and the economy.

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