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Twitter increasing in popularity among Dutch teenagers Twitter increasing in popularity among Dutch teenagers

I hear a lot of marketers still say teenagers don’t use Twitter. New research proves the opposite. Twitter is the favorite social network of twelve to fourteen year olds. Research collective Now It’s Our Time did research amongst 885 Dutch youngsters between six and fifteen year in the field of family life, media use, social media, leisure, brand, products and education. In this article you will read the most important results of media usage of children.

Internet, gathering with friends play outside are popular amongst children

Kids do a lot in their spare time these days. Especially friends are important. The media often gives us the picture that children only spend their time behind a screen, this study says that they do a lot together. Gathering with friends is the most favorite, together with playing outside for the younger children. Also gaming, internet are playing a big role in children’s lifes. They play together on casual gaming websites or a multiplayer game on a console.

Top three activities of children between six and eleven years

  1. Playing outside (52,7%)
  2. Gathering with friends (41,2%)
  3. Gaming (35%)

Top three activities of children between twelve and fourteen years

  1. Gathering with friends (55,4%)
  2. Internet (42,8%)
  3. Sports (34,4%) and gaming (34,0%)

Twitter and Hyves most popular social networks

Internet is as tap water for children. They’re surprised if it isn’t there. Internet is mostly used for games (77,8%) by children between six and eleven years old. Teenagers between twelve and fourteen year mostly use internet for social media (71,1%). Watching movies on YouTube is popular amongst the whole age group.

Although twelve to fourteen year olds indicate with 86,9% that they have accounts on Hyves (Dutch social network), Twitter is the most popular with 37,2%. And 60,4% of the teenagers have an account on Twitter. Teenagers use Twitter as a substitute for texting and chatting, it’s free, fast and goes on all day long. They follow a small group of friends and family.

The Dutch social network Hyves is still popular amongst younger children between six and eleven year. It’s with 38,1% the most popular social network. And 58,4% has an account on Hyves. 25,1% of these younger children don’t use any social network at all. In talks they mostly they say they use Hyves mainly for playing games.

Kids hardly ever watch television on internet

Watching television is still popular amongst children. Average children between six and fifteen year watch between one or two ours television per day. Mostly they watch in weekends. Nickelodeon and Disney XD is most popular by six to eleven year olds. Teenagers watch mostly MTV and RTL 4.

In talks with teenagers they told the researchers that sometimes they watch television on a mobile device, such as their smartphone, iPod, laptop or tablet. They told the researchers that they use their mobile device mostly for watching YouTube movies. Some teenagers use Uitzending Gemist (television play back website) or use a website where they can watch Dutch soccer (Eredivisie Live) for free.

Almost all children have a mobile phone

97,7% of the twelve to fourteen years have a mobile phone in contrast to 54,4% of the six to eleven years. Most popular is the iPhone, but a lot of kids can’t afford them. Blackberry, Samsung and Nokia are mobile phone brands the own. Parents are responsible of the purchase and the use of a mobile phone. They want that their children are available by phone. In practice a lot of kids forget their phone or don’t answer it. Ping and whatsapp are used most, dialing or texting are used sometimes. Younger kids mostly use their phone for playing games.

These are the most important findings of the Dutch research ‘Samen doen, samen zijn’. Read the report for more outcomes in other areas such as family life, education, brands, heroes and products. You can download the report for free http://www.nowitsourtime.nl/downloads. If you have any questions about the research, ideas for further projects, remarks or feedback: drop me a line in the comments or contact me via Twitter.

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