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I will wake up on your couch and have no clue who you are I will wake up on your couch and have no clue who you are

“I will flirt, kiss, date and dump. I will wake up on your couch, and have no clue who you are.” Got your attention? Great. 48, a new mobile network brand created by O2 in Ireland, is solely focusing on Millennials. The name is derived from the number of months between the ages of 18 and 22, the brand is positioning itself as a somewhat “exclusive club”, that is only accessable for a privileged group (of millennials). “Things happen when you become 18. And the next 24 months, are about to get crazy”. This and more catchy lines can be seen/heard in the introductory video you can watch below (first released on January 31, 2012). And yes, it is indeed rather slick they conclude at JWT. It promotes, according to the worldwide ad agency, an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, and in the branding and positioning, there’s a rather strong focus on the sexual escapades that 18-22’s apparently embark on.

Video ad

Joeri Van den Bergh about the implications of this ad from a Millennial- Generation Y DNA perspective:

“The strength of this offer and campaign is the combination of pulling a strong emotional string: once 18 a life full of opportunities is waiting for you and an exclusive offer for this specific age group. Exclusivity and scarcity makes brands and products more cool, just think of the limited edition capsule collections used by any fashion retailer. And of course Millennials ARE a very emotional generation and many life changing events take place when you become 18: you graduate, you get a driver’s license, students move out of home to a dorm room… It’s quite clever to endorse these specific and unforgettable unique moments in the lives of a young adult with a lifestyle brand and offer.”

Radio commercial

At JWT they’ve analyzed:

“48 sets itself up as a club that understands your specific state of mind at this specific time, and it wants to help you go conquer, explore, exploit before facing the seriousness of life. And when that becomes inevitable, O2 will surely give 48 customers plenty of incentives to transition to the company’s other offerings. So 02 is not only capturing a specific market share but striking up a relationship that can evolve as the customers’ needs change.”

What do you think? Is this a smart way to target an exclusive group of consumers, leading them as they grow older in their client journey with other propositions?

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