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Is the Facebook 'like' HOT or NOT? Is the Facebook ‘like’ HOT or NOT?

A recent study titled “How Millennials Are Interacting with Organizations on Facebook: A Survey of Their Uses and Organization-Public Relationships on Facebook” done by Assistant Professor of Communication at Appalachian State University Tina McCorkindale shows us the value of the Facebook like. The question was if and how we can measure the awareness of a “liked” organization or brand, and even going as far as fixing a value to a Facebook like. The respondents were asked about their motivation for liking organizations on Facebook (according to the researchers there is pretty much now knowledge about this topic). The motivation for a Facebook like is not always what is seems. What does it really mean for a stakeholder to like a brand or organization on facebook?

Millennials reported in the study that not as much thought goes into liking as brands probably would want them to. Generally, the more Millennials engaged with the organizations offline, the closer they felt to the organization. They reported their likes were stronger for these organizations than others, especially corporations. Others were not invested at all in the organization even though they had liked the organization’s page. Organizations should focus more on the reason behind of the like rather than the like itself. The opinion about the facebook like is divided and strongly depends on the individual.

So tell me, what’s your opinion? When and how do you like a brand on facebook? Ever disliked a brand or organization? The results of the study are represented in the infographics you can find below (click to enlarge!)

Activity on facebook

Liking organizations


Most talked about brands

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