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Youth in Malaysia (3): Corruption and discrimination key concerns Youth in Malaysia (3): Corruption and discrimination key concerns

953 Youthly Malaysian people and users of YUBERACTIVE were asked to respond on a survey about their values and lifestyle, purchase behavior and socio-economic opinions. This is the last blog of the three different topics about the opinion of Malaysian youth (check out blog number one and number two here). Socio-Economic Opinions are important to see how youth in Malaysia is living up to their values & lifestyle and it also gives insights into their purchase behavior(s). Malaysian youth think Malaysia is stable but the government needs to focus on battling corruption and discrimination. For corporations, they would like to see CSR focused on community welfare and education.

Half of the Malaysian youth think that the country has good stability BUT poor democracy (47%), justice system (59%) and leadership (53%).
Corruption and discrimination are key concerns about Malaysia. The government needs to focus on improving corruption and discrimination respectively. The transportation system is the least important area to focus on improving in relation to other aspects such as education and safety.The respondents think that a company’s CSR programs should focus on community development (e.g. health & safety) and education.

About the research

Research’s objective was to discover what is important to youth in relations to their values and how they relate to their family, community and the environment. The survey was conducted from 2 – 31 December 2011. A total of 953 YUBERACTIVE users and Malaysian youth across Peninsular Malaysia, East Malaysia and abroad took the survey. YUBERACTIVE is a peer-to-peer youth platform that helps connect leading brands with youth. Over 7,000 members and access to over 50,000 Malaysian youth through its extended network

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