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Two thirds of the USA youth believe 2012 will be better Youth the happiest on a summer Saturday between 8 and 10 pm

It is not really surprising that youth in the US feel the happiest in the summer. Only China, India and Brazil generate diverging results. Youngsters in Brazil feel little difference between the seasons, although autumn makes them slightly less happy. This same season is the happiest time in the year for Chinese youth, whereas Indian youngsters prefer the winter (results of a large-scale new youth survey by InSites Consulting amongst more than 4,000 respondents in 16 countries).

In the holiday month of August the US youth feel the happiest. January and February are depressing months for many, but thanks to the festivities the winter month of December manages to do better than the autumn months of October and November and the spring months of February and March.

Most youngsters all over the world consider Saturdays to be mainly happy days. Only in India Sunday comes first, whereas Swedish youngster dislike the Sunday as much as the typical Monday dip. Whilst most areas see their youth aged 15 to 25 at their best between 8 and 10 in the evening, the Spanish, Chinese and Russian prime time is slightly later: from 10 until midnight. Everybody seems to experience the lowest level of happiness between 6 and 8 in the morning.

Find out more country-specific results in the full report on SlideShare:

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