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Youth in Malaysia (3): Corruption and discrimination key concerns Youth in Malaysia (1): No premarital sex, drugs and drinking unacceptable

In the quarterly Youth Insights Survey for Q4 2011 by YUBERACTIVE, they’ve asked a total of 953 youthly Malaysian respondents about their values and lifestyle, their purchase behavior and their socio-economic opinions. We were lucky to get our hands on the full report, and this is the first blogpost in a series of three in which we discuss the three topics. It gives us a very interesting look into the lives of Generation Y in Malaysia. The majority of Malaysian youth are happy and clear about what they want in life. They value family, health and fulfilling passion while they enjoy travelling, listening to music, watching movies and browsing social networking sites. Irresponsible drinking, sex before marriage and taking drugs are seen as unacceptable.

The majority of the respondents are happy with their life as voted by 70% of the male respondents and 72% of the female respondents. Only half of the respondents (52% of the male respondents & 48% of the female respondents) are clear about what they want in life.

The majority of respondents are against driving after drinking, having sex before marriage and taking drugs. Interestingly, there is a significant difference of 12 percentage point between male and female who does not disagree with having sex before marriage which suggests male’s open mindness towards this matter.

So, what does Generation Y in Malaysia do in their leisure times? Listening to music or watching movies are the top leisure activity for youth aged 15 – 17. The preference shifts to travelling as they grow up. The preference of playing sports during leisure time drops as they grow older.

A majority of respondents (89%) spends at least an hour everyday for purposes other than work or study. 19% of Malaysian youth actually spend more than 6 hours a day for non-work / study purposes.

And while on the internet, the following activities are in the top 3. Malaysian youth spends most of their time online on social networking sites and listening to music / watching videos.

About the research

Research’s objective was to discover what is important to youth in relations to their values and how they relate to their family, community and the environment. The survey was conducted from 2 – 31 December 2011. A total of 953 YUBERACTIVE users and Malaysian youth across Peninsular Malaysia, East Malaysia and abroad took the survey. YUBERACTIVE is a peer-to-peer youth platform that helps connect leading brands with youth. Over 7,000 members and access to over 50,000 Malaysian youth through its extended network.

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