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Music and making something out of life make US youngsters happy Music and making something out of life make US youngsters happy

Good music makes the USA youth the happiest. Being challenged and getting somewhere, and contacts with friends and family come in second and third. Learning something new, sex and holidays are the last items in the top 5 of sources of happiness. Parents divorcing decreases the happy feeling. This is revealed by the results of a large-scale new youth survey by InSites Consulting amongst more than 4,000 respondents in 16 countries.

We sometimes underestimate current Generation Y’s eagerness to learn. These days a youngster no longer stands out by his or her looks, but by being able to do something others can’t do. Our youngsters have been raised by their baby-boom parents with the advice to become extremely good at something and thus making it in life. Their parents of course gave them all the opportunities and means for their hobbies and passions. The Y generation is also called the triumph or trophy generation.

In this survey InSites Consulting asked the youngsters to describe the days in their lives that they would never forget, and which emotions they felt on that specific day. Out of the 401 stories shared by US youngsters, no less than 45% were linked by themselves to a happy feeling. About 16% % were sad and about equally 14% were surprises. The most recurrent special occasions making youth happy were: meeting the love of their life, getting married, getting a degree or a driver’s license, an extremely good sports achievement (medal, champion…) and the very first kiss. These are not just very emotional events in their lives, these are also moments where they achieved something special for the first time. And again: this is evidence that they reached something that someone else hasn’t done or hasn’t experienced yet.

Events that made youngsters unhappy were: their parents’ divorcing, being diagnosed with a serious illness, being dumped by their partner and losing someone they care about. Getting their degree and meeting the love of their lives were the most frequent surprises in our youth’s lives. British youngsters linked a mere 10% of unforgettable experiences to a feeling of fear. Aggression and changing schools were causes for fear. Aversion (3%) and anger (6%) were least present in the stories of our youth’s lives. In the first one youngsters talked about the discovery that their mother shared the bed with another person than their father. Anger was most linked with the end of a relationship or the bereavement of someone they cared about.

Find out more results in the research report on SlideShare:

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