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Half of US GenY'ers considers entrepreneurship Half of US GenY’ers considers entrepreneurship

1 out of 10 American Millennials who are currently working, see themselves working their entire career for their current employer. For 38%, the career path will lead them to a new job within 2 years. Overall, more than half (56%) of the American Y’ers considers to become self-employed. This is a lot less compared to other countries studied in our Generation Y Around the World research we’ve released this February.

The research also shows, that two out of three (67%) of USA youngsters aged 15 to 25 expect 2012 to become a better year than the previous one. A mere 7% have a real pessimistic view on the coming year and thinks that maybe last year was better after all. This is why US Y’ers are amongst the more optimistic in the world, check out Joeri’s post on this topic here.

The percentage of youth in US that is considering to be self-employed is slightly higher than in the UK (52%). And, the research finds, people seem deeply convinced of a career as self-employed entrepreneur in the BRIC countries. More than 7 Millennials out of 10 consider making the move. Danish (39%) and German (40%) youngsters are less keen on being self-employed.

More detailed results of this global youth survey are shared in the SlideShare report you can read and download for free below. Stay tuned this week at this blog, there’s fresh new research coming up!

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