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Pharmaceutical sector is the most popular employer for Generation Y Pharmaceutical sector is the most popular employer for Generation Y

USA GenY youngsters would love to work for pharmaceutical companies (27%), in tourism & entertainment (24%) and in the ICT sector (24%). Media (18%) and government jobs (16%) come in fourth and fifth. Fast food is at the top of the list of least favourite sectors in the USA. 30% of USA youngsters add fast food to their top3 of sectors never to work in, which is comparable with British youth (33%) but much higher than in other countries. The alcohol & tobacco industry also gets it in the neck (26%) amongst the American youngsters, which also goes for the oil and petroleum sector (20%). These are more results of the new youth survey by InSites Consulting amongst more than 4,000 respondents in 16 countries.

A job working for the government is more popular amongst youngsters in the USA than anywhere else in the world. Only the BRIC countries do better, with more than one fifth of Gen Y adding a government job to their top3. The financial sector has the most appeal in China (34%) and in Russia (24%) but the least in the USA (11%), Belgium (12%) and Sweden (13%). At least 1 out of 5 youngsters in the USA, Belgium, Italy and Denmark have the pharmaceutical sector in their top3. Computer & ICT jobs are very popular in Romania (43%), Russia (39%) and Brazil (37%), but are also appreciated by youth in India (34%) and Poland (33%). Working in telecommunications seems to be most popular to Gen Y in Romania (24%), India (20%) and Spain (18%).

A striking result is that, even though the TV series „Mad Men‟ is very popular, the advertising and consulting sectors are NOT in the top5 of USA employers. Only 7% of the USA Millennials would care for a job in that sector. In Brazil and Romania the sector is still a magnet to about a quarter of the youngsters.

Check out the full report for more detailed results of this global youth study:

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