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Female only social network Luluvise: Success story or failure? Female only social network Luluvise: Success story or failure?

Launched on December 13 2011, Luluvise.com recreates online the experience of private chats with your girlfriends. As a woman and having loved Sex and the City, I was curious to know what the new social media platform had to offer women around the world, so I immediately tried the experience. I will tell you my opinion about Luluvise at the end of the article. But this is not the subject of my article. What I want to argue in this article is: Will Luluvise be a success story in the social media world or just another failure?
1. First of all, if we compare it to Facebook or Twitter, Luluvise has a big minus from the start– it targets half of the social media users! Still, if we take into consideration the infographic created by Invesp, women spend more time on social networking sites than men: 6.5 hours per month as opposed to men spending only 5 hours per month on social networking sites. The difference increases for Gen Yers – 5.8 hours and respectively 4.9 hours.

2. Second of all, would women use Luluvise instead of Facebook or Google+? I think they wouldn’t ditch Facebook for Luluvise, but use them all. Although women today are very busy, they are very active online so an extra social networking site is easily integrated in a Gen Y woman’s agenda. And as recent studies show that women are superior to men in terms of multi-tasking, they can handle a new social networking site.

3. Third of all and the most important aspect of whether Luluvise is worth using, is the content shared by the female users. I believe it’s a tool that is appealing to women as it offers the setup of discussing intimate issues. If you enjoyed watching Sex and the City with your girlfriends, go shopping or using coffee as a pretext to share your exciting news and experiences, well you will love Luluvise!

Put on top the fact that it’s easy to connect and use, I believe that Luluvise will occupy a place in the “Successful social networking sites” category! As for my personal experience in using Luluvise, I must say I found it funny and recreational, so anytime I miss my girlfriends I will make sure to use Luluvise to connect with them.
Social Networking - Statistics and TrendsInfographic by – Conversion Rate Optimization Company Invesp.

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