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Generation Y uses Facebook as a business card Generation Y uses Facebook as a business card

Nowadays, Gen Y is entrepreneurial, decisive and this generation shows plenty of initiatives. That is also why ‘Owner’ is the fifth most popular job title for adolescents. As this generation is the first to be constantly online, it is important to find the right balance between their work and social life. They now start using their Facebook profile as a kind of business card.

If we take a closer look at an average business-Facebook relationship, 82% of youngster has at least one friend from work in their friends list and 40% claims to have more than 10. Although the average reaches up to 16 working friends, it seems rather a lot if you keep in mind that the average young Facebook user has about 696 friends. Millenial Branding shows us an infographic that explored 50 million Facebook data points (90% of these users were in the United States). They say 80% lists at least one school they’ve been to, while only 36% does this for a job entry. Travel and hospitality (7,2%), as well as consumer products (6,8%) are the most popular industries Generation Y works for. The top 3 employers are the armed forces (3,2%), Walmart (0,53%) and Starbucks (0,45%). 2,5% of Gen Y’ers are servers, 2,5% managers and 2,3% interns. So… How long are Gen-Y’ers staying at their company, according to this research? The average number of workplaces for a GenY-er is 1.5. The average tenure at a given company is just over 2 years.

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