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Trend: God is a designer Trend: God is a designer

“I am what I create”. After sharing text, pictures, video and audio through social networks … we now search for topics with added value, like own creations. We move from ‘I am what I share’ towards ‘I am what I create’. It’s similar to what Tina Wells called as a cake baking trend. Youngsters are more interested in baking a cake, then in buying a cake. Easy to understand: your own cake is way more “shareable”.

Real influencers are distinguished not by their words, but by their creations. Creativity is the status symbol of choice. It provides independence, followers, fans as well as respect. Creative entrepreneurs are the new Hollywood stars. Their work features on T- shirts and hangs on the walls of teenagers’ bedrooms. Digital designers are fighting out battles live on stage, musicians are crazy about light architecture, video shows and typo-tricks. Design and creation, that’s rock’n roll!

That’s why the song title ‘God is a DJ’ by Faithless is outdated and should be ‘God is a Designer’. Can someone forward this to Maxwell Fraser? Creativity is a characteristic that youngsters appreciate and aspire, but also a characteristic that is not given to everyone. Therefore young people associate themselves with people, brands and formats with a creative image. Think about owling, planking, leisure diving and horsemaning. All easy formats to give people the idea of being creative and popular.

Cool ‘God is a designer’ implementation idea…

Designers live on stage at pop festivals. Check out Cut&Paste festival: emerging digital designers flex their skills for a live audience. Can someone forward this to Herman Schueremans? 😉 ‘God is a designer’ is part of the European trend report 2012 by Trendwolves.

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