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The best digital campaigns of 2011 The best digital campaigns of 2011

Ok, let us start with saying that we didn’t make this selection of best digital campaigns of 2011. Gregory Pouy did, and he did a rather good job in not talking about Evian and Old Spice and Tipp-Exx, claiming some success-ingredients for virals, but about Bing Maps, Nokia and Intel. Maybe there’s examples that you already know. And maybe, there are examples that you didn’t come across in the year 2011 that is coming to an end these days (check out the most shared 2011 ads on YouTube here)….


Gregory Pouy did not only give nice examples of gamified museums in forests and viral IKEA video’s, he’s also managed to give a lot of meta-learnings and take-aways. This presentation allows you to really learn something. Take this learnings into 2012, is our advice đŸ˜‰ . This might be just one of the last of the many lists we’ve came up with here at HowCoolBrandsStayHot. We hope you like it.

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