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Top 10 Youth Trends for 2012 Top 10 Youth Trends for 2012

Almost every cool youngster is now owner of a smartphone, not only to stay in touch with friends but also to reflect his/her state of mind, keep an up-to-date agenda, download music and so, so much more. Despite having a smartphone, there are some other trending topics that might be interesting for every cool youngster to-be. As we saw wednesday at HCBSH (“YouTube’s most shared ads of 2011“), we like lists. So… here’s another one: YoungWorks listed the Top 10 Youth Trends for 2012.

1. Out with the keyboard

Typing is not something we like. Luckily for Gen Y, there are other ways to get a sentence or text on your screen. Siri recognizes your voice, Happy Tell sends out voice messages and when you don’t feel like talking, your eyes can help you express what you’re trying to say.

2. The good old days

Board games are back in the -euh- game! Jumbo developed an app for all their famous family games. Apple gave us iPawn, so we can play Game of the goose, chess or Wordfeud without losing our ‘cool’.

3. I Protest

Young people rebel against older generations. They don’t want their lives to be determined by the problems older people are facing now. Gen Y sees itself as the Future Generation and wants to be a creator of their own life.

4. Online clubbing

More and more artists stream their concert for offline fans. Although an offline experience is almost impossible to replace a real one, youngsters somehow feel connected with the band or artist. Besides that, you are now able to go out, virtually. Turntable.fm and the Facebook application ‘Shaker’ makes it possible to make friends or hit the decks.

5. Original swearing

There is one thing that we can be sure of. Youngsters like to swear or make up words that make it even more fun to do so. For them, inventive swearing has almost become an art. Take a look at these beauties (Dutch):

  1. Gore marmot
  2. Afgebrokkelde teenheks
  3. Tortelliniteefje
  4. Armoedige amoebe
  5. Geflipte pingvogel

6. Performance generation

Nowadays, you don’t get away with grades that are less than 8 or 9. Youngsters realize they need to put themselves out there with outstanding grades. Parents are even willing to pay a lot of money for additional lessons. Having a degree alone is not sufficient enough to get a decent job.

7. Be creative

Everyone can create his own talent by ingenious pieces of technology. Any youngster can play the instrument he wants or be a real artist with the iPad Mixel app. Even making stop motion films with the Loopcam app on your smartphone is now as easy as pie.

8. Asianation

Asian fashion influences are conquering the European catwalks. Besides that, K-Pop, a popular subculture and music genre, will be making its appearance in 2012. Also food and drinks are entering our European market: bubble tea, a tea with milk or juice and tapioca has gained in popularity.

9. Health = fun

In 2012, there will be more and more apps that encourage Generation Y to eat healthy and work out more. Apps such as Nexercise and Fitocracy take it a step further and offer discounts the more you work out. There’s even a bracelet that tells you if you are doing a good job.

10. Your best friend, the smartphone

Smartphones won’t be just devices anymore but they will become an extension of your body. The draft version of the Human Form Flexible Nokia phone can recognize your emotions when calling or texting someone.

A lot to look forward to!

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