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Coke’s personalized cans big hit in Australia Coke’s personalized cans big hit in Australia

Last October Coke re-energized its brand downunder by addressing the Gen Y market.  The brand’s local agency developed a campaign that initially released 150 different Coca-Cola cans with popular names in Australia like  Jack, William, Mary, Chloe and many others replacing the brand name in its identical iconic font type. Of course many Australians wanted to get their own branded can of Coke.

In a second stage consumers could get their own name printed on their can in 18 Westfield shopping centers. And again people were queuing for hours just to get a can of Coke with their own name on.

coca cola personalized cans australia

In a recent blog post Martin Lindstrom, author of Brandwashed, calls Gen Y, the “me- obsessed generation”. And of course when a brand is really mirroring the identity, passions, interests and lifestyles of its Gen Y customer, it will earn trust and preference. Like explained in the CRUSH model of our book self-identification with a brand is quite essential to obtain more buzz, a better image and brand leverage.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads are experimenting with adding peer power tot their strategy. When you check certain products out, they will offer you an extra 15% discount if you agree to let them use your picture in promoting the same product to your list of friends. Quite smart, because we know that to Millennials their own friends are their number one role models and more than 30% wouldn’t even consider buying a brand that was never recommended by someone in their immediate social circle. Friends are soulmates after all… They often have the same values, looks, interests and favourite brands…


Brandwashed Martin LindstromFor his new book Brandwashed, Martin Lindstrom did an experiment in which he controlled for brand buzz. A family moved into a (bugged Big Brother type) new home and was asked to actively promote a list of 10 brands to their unaware family and friends. Lindstrom discovered that when someone close to you makes a brand recommendation, the effect on sales within a short period of a few weeks for that brand were extremely high. Lindstrom dubbed it the “Me Selling Proposition” and he predicts this personalization trend in advertising will become bigger and bigger.

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