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Want more Facebook fans? You need to consider just three things Want more Facebook fans? You need to consider just three things

There are tons of articles, books and general writings about how to succeed in social media marketing. Still, there are so many businesses that fail to attract brand fans on their social media platforms. This article aims to present you three main simple do’s you should take into consideration if you want to create a successful Facebook page that is attractive to Gen Y’ers. As a matter of fact, I am sharing my own Facebook success story: three main rules that I respect on my Facebook account, in order to attract as many Generation Y fans as my brand can generate.

1. Use friendly communication and write short posts with your social media community.

Gen Y has grown up in a virtual communication world. Unlike the Boom Generation, their social interactions have been conducted while sitting alone in front of a computer, IM-ing with several people at once. They like to know who they are talking with, so don’t stay behind your logo and company, and get out there as the person who is carrying the discussion. Moreover, you won’t attract their attention if your message isn’t concise, right to the point. This is why social platforms like Twitter and Kik Messenger are so successful – they imply short conversations. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t play very good attention to the social media content strategy, which takes us to the second point.

2. Create an adequate content strategy that appeals to the GenY’ers.

Your Gen Y fans enjoy posts containing photos, videos and even smart quotes. A study conducted by Vitrue shows that the most effective post type: „across all brands and represented business verticals, image posts are more engaging as measured by fan responses, likes and shares than video or text”. So make sure you include images in your content strategy!

Another aspect you should consider when planning your social media content strategy is the 5-3-2 rule (Heinz Marketing). This rule covers the aspect of how many of your posts should be centralized (your own content) and how many should be descentralized (content from other sources that you don’t own, but relevant to your public). So, the 5-3-2 rule implies that you should post:

  • Five should be content from others, relevant to your audience
  • Three should be content from you, relevant to your audience (and not directly selling your products)
  • Two should be personal, something non-work related to help humanize yourself and/or your brand

3. Use apps to improve your social media experience

There are plenty of useful apps for your social media accounts. I am a big fan of Facebook apps, therefore I chose to present some of the most used Facebook apps that will get you more new fans and engage your existing ones. For example, the popular welcome page, which is the best way to present to you potential fan what they will receive by “Liking” your page. If you own a start-up business and you want to increase your customer database, create e-books or whitepapers they will get for free in exchange for the “Like”. With all that information on the web, it’s important for the Gen Yer to find out from the beginning the benefits you offer. And you should know that Gen Yers are used to discount and voucher campaigns, so make sure your offer has value for your Gen Y potential fans. For a great welcome page you can use Pagemodo, Wildfire App or Facebook’s Welcome page app.

Another thing that works really well for Gen Y is contests or sweepstakes that end with rewards.  By organizing a contest with apps like Shortstack, Involver  or friend2friend you can not only engage with your Facebook audience, but also generate the buzz brands need on social media. Look at the case of Lacta Chocolate Campaign, Contiki Vacations’ “Get on the Bus” Promotion, Maybelline’s “Show Us Your Red Lips”, Coca-Cola’s “The Recycling King”. They became so viral around Facebook fans that they rapidly helped those brands increase fan count and email list.

So make sure you include these three advices in your Facebook strategy for 2012 to be more successful in social media marketing. Let me know if you have already used one or more of the three do’s.

Read more social media rules and successful stories in my free e-book “5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts in Social Media Marketing”, which you can download here.

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  1. Claudia

    Point 1 & 3 are quite obvious I think, but the 5-3-2 rule is a very nice tip! I’ll definitely keep that one in mind!

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