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Teens and Twitter Teens and Twitter

Although Twitter is not the number 1 preferred social network for teens, there has never been a higher penetration of the realtime microblog. 59% of teens only have one social network account and Facebook is the most popular one (89%). When teens have multiple social network accounts, 99% has a Facebook account while only 29% of this group is on Twitter. Especially girls (22%) are most active on Twitter, while boys rather keep it low-profile. Teenagers who are a bit older (age 14 to 17), tend to tweet more often, and so do black and Hispanic teens. A lower household income also is a determining factor to tweet more; this is the case for about 1/5 of the teens. All this was investigated by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Check out the stats below:

demographic profile of US teen internet users
I always wonder how and why teenagers spend so much time on social network websites. In the graph below, it becomes clear that chatting, commenting on photos of friends and working on a new status update is their favorite online pastime. In former days, playing games would have been in the top 3 as well but now dangles below. Although younger teens still show some interest in gaming (69%) while tagging people in photos is not really something they love doing (59%).

social network activities US teens

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