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Technology shaping Generation Y: Internet as second nature Technology shaping Generation Y: Internet as second nature

They’d rather lose their wallet than their mobile phone. 55 percent of millennials (GenerationY) claim they couldn’t live without the internet and their smartphones. In a report at TodaysTHV.com, done by CBS, one of the interviewed GenY’ers states that at home, he’d rather lives without heating than without an internet connection. Anthropologist Marc Lamont Hill is interviewed in the item for some context. Lamont Hill states the internet isn’t just a necessity, it’s second nature. He says:

“It’s organic to them. It’s their first language. It’s as natural to them as eating and breathing.” And, just as important, and while their tech skills might be top-notch, plugging-in might be holding them back. Hill states: “The millennial generation is perhaps the most privileged, over-scheduled, inactive generation, at least physically, of any generation we’ve ever seen.” But, ‘this generation’s tech cloud does have a silver lining.’ Hill says, “They know how to work the world. They know how to connect with people. They know how to access information more quickly than any other generation in human history.” Check out the video below:

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2 Responses to “Technology shaping Generation Y: Internet as second nature”

  1. Bas

    I don’t think that GenY know how cold it can get without heating… they don’t know you can’t type when you’re fingers are freezing… and much more, your capacitive touchscreen doesn’t work with gloves on 😉