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Your smartphone can smell danger! Your smartphone can smell danger!

Ever wondered why gen Y’s best friend is their mobile? Of course, it connects them with their social circle of friends at any moment everywhere. And it fights those boring moments when queuing by offering games, music, internet and social media. It keeps track of all great and exceptional memories they have experienced with their friends through stored video footage and pictures as well.

But, have you thought of looking at your smartphone as a sensory object? It’s operated by touch, it allows you to hear music and speak to other people. It has a camera for vision, even 3D if you’d consider augmented reality. It responds to motion during games. So it’s only lacking the abilities to taste and smell. The latter might change soon since the Belgian university spin-off IMEC is working on an electronic nose to integrate in cell phones by 2015. According to Luc Van Den Hove, CEO of IMEC, the tool could for instance be used to check out freshness of food, test the air quality or measure alcohol levels in your own body after a party.

Perhaps it could even do a quick check of your breath for you before kissing that guy on a date, or choose the ideal perfume for a night out. Looking forward to seeing many smelling apps appear in a few years time.

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