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Social media access and personal devices are significant job criteria for GenY Social media access and personal devices are significant job criteria for GenY

An investigation by Cisco Systems among college students and young professionals between 18 and 29 years old, gives us insight in the numerous challenges companies face in a mobile and social media connected world (you might also want to check this infographic). For example, about 40% of the respondents (wow, that is a lot) ask their future employers about the social media policy and usage of personal devices in the workplace. One quarter of the students claim that this policy is a key factor in deciding whether or not to accept a job offer.

When employees are not allowed to make use of social media or their own devices, 27% would still find a way to do so. 16% would rather decline a job offer than not to have access to social media when they are at work. Remarkable, more than half of the employers do not believe that hiring people with social media experience brings an added value to the company.

Almost half of the college students believe that an IT policy concerning the use of devices, applications and information should be flexible, open for adjustments and in balance with the personal life of the employee. Only 4% think an IT policy is unfair.

Use of devices

One in four end users indicate using 3 devices (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, …) in a typical work day. Almost half of them use only 2. In personal life, a laptop (55%) is the number one device, while a smartphone comes as third (16%). 71% of the college students are convinced that company-issued devices should and could be used in their personal life as well.

Preferably, end users get to make use of a fixed budget to purchase a laptop, smartphone and other devices of their own choice.

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