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Halloween Google Doodle Halloween Google Doodle

When a special occasion occurs or something extraordinary is happening somewhere around the planet, you can put your money on it. Searchgiant Google makes a Doodle out of it. The elections in Tunesia, Franz Liszt’s 200th Birthday, Uganda Independence Day, Teachers’ Day in China, you name it. For This year’s Halloween, they took it a step further: the doodle team carved their logo into gigantic pumpkins.

A time lapsed video with a cheerful tune and dressed up people made it very pleasant to watch. Check it out below:

At Google, they’ve even made a behind the scenes video where each “pumpkin carver” gets to say something about this unique project.

Google wants to make searching on the internet more fun and enjoyable by providing witty and ingenious designs of the Google logo. For some people, it even became a collector’s item and they continuously anticipate on the next doodle. So far, Google made 700 international and 300 US  doodles. Here’s an overview over the last 13 years. Talking about branding…. 🙂

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One Response to “Halloween Google Doodle”

  1. vincent van Witteloostuyn

    Nice! In 5 year’s time they might create my YEL logo 😉 YEL – Your Emotion Live http://www.yel.me