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Generation X is balanced and happy Generation X is balanced and happy

At HowCoolbrandsStayHot, we often write about the characteristics of GenY, publish stories about branding and dive into the DNA of the most promising and influential generation of the digital age, wondering what is true and what is fake. But in the title of this post, we didn’t write Generation Y, we used an X instead. To understand GenY to the fullest, it’s sometimes interesting to take a step back and dive into the generation before it: Generation X.¬†A generation once labeled “slackers,” detached and melancholic, has grown up to find out that reality doesn’t bite as much it seemed when they were younger. To the contrary, most of the 84 million Americans ages 30 to 50 are “active, balanced and happy,” according to the Longitudinal Survey of American Youth (LSAY) done by Jon D. Miller, University of Michican. Below, you’ll find the report and you can check out some myths about Generation X that are being invalidated:



The release you see above is the first in a series of quarterly reports based on questionnaires, interviews and tests from 4,000 Gen X respondents who have participated in the study since 1987. The study defines Gen X as those born between 1961 and 1981, though others sources tag Gen X as those born starting in 1964. The researchers at MU state: “”We hope that this series of reports will serve to correct some of the misunderstandings and misstatements about Generation X that have appeared in the media. Some commentators have characterized Generation X as being less successful than their parents and perhaps less ambitious than their parent’s generation.” This is the myth-list they derived from the report at CNN. Check out the report to find out to what extend they are true.

      Myth #1: Gen Xers are slackers.


      Myth #2: Generation X is hopelessly single and pessimistic about marriage.


      Myth #3: Generation Xers are disengaged, existential isolationists.


      Myth #4: As former latch-key kids, Gen Xers are wimpy, neglectful parents.


    Myth #5: Generation X is depressed.

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