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How colors affect our purchases How colors affect our purchases

According to a study by KissMetrics, colors influence our buying decisions. A great deal of our purchases are in other words, visually made. Visual appearance is placed above any other factor during a shopping spree: 85% of the respondents think color is the main reason to buy a particular product. Smells, sounds (1%) and textures (6%) mean a lot less to them. A possible motivation is brand recognition: 80% of the consumers link colors directly to a specific brand. Each color stands for a different emotion or feeling, although it is not a universal thing. The colors discussed here mainly affect North American shoppers

For example, the color red stands for energy and urgency, an indication for sales. The color black is connected to luxury brands and powerful products. Yellow grabs the attention of window shoppers and stands for “youthful” and “optimistic”.

Every consumer is susceptible for a particular color which influences their shopping behavior. Red, black and blue are colors that are linked to impulse shoppers, who spend their money on fast food, outlet malls and sales. Soft colors, such as pink and sky blue attract traditional buyers.

Online shoppers

Different story when it comes to online shoppers. For them, besides color, factors such as design, buzz words and convenience affect their shopping behavior as well. A website with poor design or lay-out can lead to a company’s downfall: 42% of shoppers base their expenses on the look of a website. What’s even more important is the efficiency and speed of online shopping: 62% of the online shoppers claim they drop out as soon as a website runs slow. Another important angle is the use of power words: 52% are more likely to enter a store where there are sales signs present.

For companies, it is therefore without doubt important to spend time and money on the design and efficiency of a product, as well as a website.

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