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Apple in top 10 Interbrand Best Global Brands 2011 Apple in top 10 Interbrand Best Global Brands 2011

In the top 10 2011 Best Global Brands that is annually made by Interbrand there’s a new kid on the block entering the top 10. Yes, you might all know the brand with the little fruity logo: it’s Apple taking position 8 in the top 10. The iPad, iPod and iPhone manufacturer is the biggest rising star in the annual list: it’s change in brand value is a positive 58% and the previous rank of Apple was position 17. Apple finds itself surrounded by tech-companies: in the 2011 top 10 there’s IBM (2), Microsoft (3), Google (4), GE (5), Intel (7), Apple (8) en Hewlett-Packard (10). And Amazon…… wow. They ranked 36, the online retail giant is now at position 26 and they’ve changed with a staggering 32 % to the brand value of the company.

We could almost say that it’s all about technology. Sap is on the rise, Google is happy to have a positive change of 27 % to it’s brand value but at the same time Nokia is struggling: the Finnish phonemanufacturer is at position 14 dropping from rank 8 with a brand value devaluating with 15 percent. BMW is doing a great job in the automotive sector with a rise of 10 percent in brand value, steady at place 15. Check out the full list here. Below is the top 10:


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