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For Swatch life is a playground! For Swatch life is a playground!

Life is a playground……. this slogan is true for everyone, but especially for Millenials. Life of youngsters is full of continuous input and stimulus. Not only did we grow up with commercials on colour TV’s; we now have social media and location-based-services. As a result we are not easily impressed. Stand out amongst the millions of impulses we receive each day is of extreme importance for brands. Only brands that realize that we, Gen Y’ers, see the world as a big playground will distinguish themselves from others. MTV and Swatch took this message quite literally.

When receiving the MTV sticky newsletter, my attention as a Swatch brandfan was immediately drawn. Although I haven’t bought a new swatch watch in a while I was jumping up and down when seeing the Swatch MTV playground competition. Swatch and MTV have launched a series of design-led competitions, in order to facilitate Gen Y’ers in their creativity. In the most recent competition everyone can design their own Swatch watch, by using a simple online program. You are not designing your own watch, but you are actually designing a little animation of 12 hours. In other words, a watch that evolves over time. In this era where time is precious, luckily it will only take you 15 minutes to create your own.

Desire to inspire. Provide an opportunity. Celebrate the results. Then start again.” This was the philosophy behind the playground competition and with it they pushed exactly the right button. On the playground everyone is allowed to participate and interact with each other. By designing you own animation, rating other designs and involving your friends to vote for you, this competition really creates brand engagement for me. Honestly, the prizes competitors can win in this competition are only a detail. While the brand does not only activate their consumers, they are inspired from all corners of the world.

The world’s a playground. Brands, just let us play!

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  1. Jankruiniger

    Very true! Something nice an bright!


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