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Youth is ‘always on’ Youth is ‘always on’

With the rise in use of mobile internet and smartphones, youngsters are always on. They are chatting with friends constantly. The old skool “booty call” has left the building and has to make room for a more modern version. Dutch telephone company Hi did research amongst 1121 youngsters between 18 and 29 year.  The research shows that a third phones and 50% texts less since they have mobile internet. Not really surprising, but in 2010 a survey of PEW (USA)showed that teens sent more than 100 text messages a day or 3000 texts a month. Things are changing! Today teens share mostly things at Facebook or Whatsapp (an app that combines texting and chatting by using mobile internet). These networks are also used for other things such as the ‘booty call’. Such requests appear via texts (45%), WhatsApp (9%), Facebook (5%), e-mail (4%) or even Twitter (1%).

Booty call in a mobile era

50% of the surveyed youngsters have experiences with a booty call. But only one in six accept such a request. Calling is an old fashioned word, so telephone company Hi asked youngsters for a new word for ‘Booty call’. They came up with the following suggestions:

–          Wiebelsmsje
–          Whats-booty
–          Hump-ping
–          Chat4Bed
–          Makeout-message
–          Booty buzz
–          Whattof*ck

Youngsters are always available (for friends)

60% of the Dutch youngsters between 15 and 29 year have a smartphone according to recent research. The survey of Hi shows that 9 out of 10 youngsters want to be always available, through their mobile phones, for friends. About 50% of them expect that to be vice versa. 62% is worried when a friend doesn’t respond on a message.  Youngsters are already used to using Internet on their smartphones. 59% can’t imagine a life without and even a stunning 25% feels naked without mobile Internet.

Friends stand central in advertising campaign Hi

These recent researches are a part of a campaign that Hi started earlier this year. In this campaign it’s all about friends. In March they launched a commercial about ‘Friends share everything’, where they respond to the social benefits of mobile Internet. In addition to this commercial Hi developed a Facebook app named ‘Facebook facts’. This app made an infographic about how may friends, how many likes and which friends like you the most. The commercial and the app provided a lot of Facebook fans for Hi, at this moment there are about 84,000 likes.

Hi keeps up the good work in my opinion and launched at 5 September a new commercial. The prices of mobile Internet are on the rise. But youngsters still want to have constant contact with their friends. Hi is responding to this, with a new kind of subscription ‘Hi Messaging’. To introduce this new subscription Hi has a new commercial ‘Friends are always on’.

As young youthmarketer I really like the way Hi is dealing with youngsters. They know their needs and confirm this with research and nice online and offline campaigns. A lot of brands can learn from Hi in my opinion. What do you think?

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