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Infographic: Gen Y in China Digital Lifestyle Infographic: Gen Y in China Digital Lifestyle

Enovate is an insights and trends firm located in Shanghai, China. In july, the company came up with a beautiful infographic about the digital lifestyle of Chinese youngsters below 30, sometimes called milennials, here at HCBSH we like to call them Gen Y. The study (550 Chinese GenY’ers were questioned, see these Dutch remarks about that sample by Jaap Bloem) found that 92% of respondents have recently purchased either a mobile device or a computer. And at Enovate, they’ve made a nice categorization for persona’s between innovators and laggards: gadget leader, digital yuppie, entertainment addict, online hustler, shopaholic, connected hobbyist and digital realist.

Of course, the above infographic is used as a teaser to sell consultancy and some reports, they didn’t name the file “teaser” for nothing. Read more about the report here, or download it in pdf via this link.

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