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PEW: The State of Millennials PEW: The State of Millennials

We love PEW, for what they do: being a fact-tank about the digital life in America. The research we’d like to discuss here, has already hit the interwebs more than a year ago, but we’re most happy to focus your attention on it, again. The SlideShare presentation about the research just got published some 3 weeks ago, the report is published in february 2010. “The State of Millennials” (pdf), represents the Pew Research Center’s “most ambitious examination to date of America’s newest generation, the Millennials, many of whom have now crossed into adulthood.” Find it below:

Findings in this study are mainly based on the results of a telephone survey conducted January 14 to 27, 2010, on landlines and cell phones with a nationally representative sample of 2,020 adults. To allow for a detailed analysis of attitudes of the Millennial generation, the survey includes an oversample of respondents ages 18 to 29, for a total of 830 respondents in this age group.

The following topics are discussed: Demography, Identity, Priorities, Technology and Social Media, Work and Education, Family Values, Lifestyle, Politics, Ideology and Civic Engagement, Religious Beliefs and Behaviors. It’s an interesting read if you’re interested in the characteristics of Gen Y or millennials!

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