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Skittles brand book: A little weird?

Ok, so some brands are just…. a little weird. Or cool. Or real. Or crazy or very strategically starting conversations. I just don’t know how you would qualify Skittles as a brand. What I do know is that I ate too much of this colourful sweets while at highschool and that they have a lot of brandfans on Facebook where they publish a lot of geeky and somewhat strange, almost alienating video’s. See this one, for example. A few months ago, Skittles has published a brand book on the docsharing site Scribd. The brandbook, too is a bit strange but it is full with jokes like this one and… oh well. You really should take a look.

The book is full with fun stuff, it’s fooling around with your expectations, it even has Plato quotes in it (“I think Skittles are delicious. But what do I know?”) and a cartoon about the great Hannibal and his 34 elephants.

So. Sit back, put the below embedded Skittles brandbook in fullscreen on your pc or iPad, and enjoy the show. We think it’s a great read and we’re very curious how you like it. What feeling do you get while scrolling through the document? Are you becoming more positive towards the Skittles brand or arent’t you. Or do you think it doesn’t make any sense at all and that it’s just stupid?

[scribd id=32214928 key=key-10htmr9272mhv32jzem8 mode=list]

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