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Appy Days

Are you addicted to a favourite app?  Spare a thought for the whopping 83% of MTV viewers who admitted to being addicted to the apps they download and keep in a new piece of research from MTV US. 

Apps are changing the lives of Millennial youth – acting as yet another digital extension of their physical selves.  Mobile apps provide pleasure and new worlds to discover: 7 in 10 agree apps “make the rest of life better” and 9 in 10 agree apps “expose them to new things”

Word-of-mouth about apps is key, with nearly three-quarters of youth saying they discovered apps from personal recommendation or user reviews.  When it comes to what makes them keep or delete an app – ease of use and new content are the key drivers for making them for keeps.  Ultimately, the success of an app is all about fun and function – youth want to feel empowered and entertained at the same time.  By providing something that keeps them in the know will ensure it stays on their phone and more importantly get’s recommended to their friends.

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