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Happiness spreads through Facebook

Maybe you’ve already noticed that sometimes a good feeling can be contagious? I was just talking to my 2 month old son, and as I was smiling, he smiled back. I felt great, he felt great. Oh, and how a bad mood can ruin everyone’s day… Facebook researchers have found that the same is the case with people using their social platform.

Through huge datamining they have scanned the status updates of about 1 million English speaking FB users. They have searched for positive words including “thanks”, “wonderful”, “cute” and “sunshine”; and negative wording including “angry”, “worst” and “sucks.”

In a next phase the researchers also scanned the status updates of the +/- 150 million friends of the initial studied group, to verify whether they echoed the same emotions. And this actually was truly the case.  The researchers discovered a pattern in which both negative and positive feelings were almost virally transmitted to friends for the following three days. To read more about this research, check out this link.

Well, isn’t this a useful conclusion? It surely makes you think twice of what to share next on Facebook, both as a person and as a brand.

Oh, and by the way… people DO share. New research shows that Facebook is the dominant sharing channel with 38 per cent of all sharing referral traffic and sharing accounts for 10 per cent of total internet traffic (with search still on number one). (check here)

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