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'How Cool Brands' goes Nordic ‘How Cool Brands’ goes Nordic

The last two weeks I have been promoting the book together with my co-author Mattias Behrer in the Nordics. Mattias is Swedish and responsible for MTV in the North region. And me, well I wish I was Scandinavian, being a big fan of the cities, food (the rye bread! the wild salmon!), architecture and design.

Needless to say we had a great but quite hectic time. The Nordic Tour started in Stockholm, Mattias’s homebase. We had a client and press event at the spot where Comedy Central is taping its stand-up comedy show. Apart from our presentation, Emelie Wahlström, responsible for the Nordic brand solutions department presented the Nike Takesthlm campaign  and made links with the Branding CRUSHmodel. We also had some interviews with Swedish press like Dagensopinion and Dagensmedia.

Next stop was Helsinki. Spring was still doubting it should roll out this year in Finland, so we were quite surprised by the big piles of snow and low temperatures. The breakfast seminar took place in an authentic Finnish hotel with sixties interior which was unexpectedly adding an extra touch to our stories. After some interviews like the one for leading paper Helsinki Sanomat, we stopped at the Finnish MTV office before leaving by car for Fincom’s Cable Fair in a cinema in Lahti, one hour from Helsinki. There we had the keynote speech for a slightly older and more executive telcom and TV broadcasting audience. The next morning we were hijacked from our breakfast to do a quick radio interview for X3M, part of the Yle media group.

We then had to jump into our cab to the airport to catch our flight to Copenhagen and said goodbye to Suomi. The Danish book launch took place in a great building, the Royal Danish Library, aka ‘the black diamond.’ Afterwards we had a long and interesting chat with a journalist of Berlingske Tidende.

We concluded the first part of our Nordic tour with an excellent dinner at Kiin Kiin, a thai restaurant in Copenhagen but probably one of the best gastronomic experiences in the world, to refer to Carslberg’s old slogan ;-). Highly recommended place!

We’ll be back in the North at the start of May for the Norvegian launch in Oslo.

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  1. Joeri

    The picture of Mattias and Joeri was taken by Dan Granqvist of X3M.


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