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iPad 2 is built on uniqueness iPad 2 is built on uniqueness

Today Apple has released the second generation of its tablet computer iPad internationally in 25 countries. In the US, where it was launched on 11 March, many stores sold out within hours. Like many marketing campaigns of Apple, this one is also built on the core brand values: innovation, simplicity and uniqueness. ‘iPad 2 is thinner, lighter and faster’ is the headline of the campaign. But apart from improved technical aspects like weight, the new dual core processor and the twin (front and rear facing) cameras allowing video calling, the most clever point of difference in my opinion is the new look of the iPad2.

Actually Apple is relying on a proven trick: the first iPod and ear buds were white as opposed to every other black mp3 player on the market. Like Alex Bogusky of Crispin Porter & Bogusky advises in his book Baked In, differences have to look different. Today the iPad 2, unlike the first black generation, is available in white… Smart! This move ensures that new buyers are enabled to show off their latest gadget and it will certainly incite the ones who bought the first generation to perhaps give that one to their children and buy a new one for themselves. Because you don’t want to be identified as an iPad 1 user, do you?

Next to that, the brand has also introduced the ‘Smart Cover’, a front cover attaching magnetically to the device, exclusively available for iPad 2 owners. It has three folds so it can be used in multiple stands for the tablet. The cover has a kind of microfiber on the backside that is supposed to automatically clean the screen with every usage. Because if there’s one annoying thing about touch screens, it’s the dirty look of your cool equipment. The cover is available in 10 different colours and also in a luxury leather edition, so you can pick the one that is most in line with your own style. And it’s another simple but smart innovation, staying true to the authentic brand DNA. Add free engraving to that and you understand that apart from innovation and uniqueness, Apple embraces self-identification as a key determinant of succesful branding too.

Analysts made a conservative prediction that the iPad 2 sales will reach 35 million devices this year and easily outpace the first generation of its tablet. Well, I already bought mine this morning. And yes, a white one…

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One Response to “iPad 2 is built on uniqueness”

  1. ninette murk

    ik heb mijn (zwarte) iPad vorige week flink afgeprijsd gekocht en voel me nu al zalig old skool;-)!