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The Perfect Match: Converse The Perfect Match: Converse

When two favorite brands find each other, the result of this match made in heaven is the most perfect shoe. Marimekko, the cult design brand from Finland and Converse, the iconic footwear brand from the U.S. have said “I do” to each other. Marimekko and Converse have partnered to debut a collection for spring 2011 combining Converse’s most popular sneakers with Marimekko’s pattern designs.

But how to find the perfect match? Of course, there has to be something the two share. Both Marimekko and Converse are classics with a youthful and joyful twist. But there also have to be enough differences in order to get the other interested. There have to be ways the two brands complete and add value to each other.

For people like me who are loyal fans of both Marimekko as well as Converse, this is a dream come true – a shoe must have. But in addition to boost the loyalty of the true fans, the purpose is to help new fans to find the brand. For Marimekko, this is an opportunity to attract a more youthful crowd. And for Converse, this is a way to excite the more design savvy audiences.

In addition to All Stars, Marimekko has hooked up with other superstar brands before. For example, Marimekko prints were all over H&M clothes a couple of years ago. These relationships are not for life. It is the first sweet moments of falling in love that gets fans interested and enthusiastic – and buying.

Check out the video in which Noora Niinikoski, Design Manager of Marimekko, reveals more details about the love story.

From Helsinki, with love, xxx

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