World Cup Millennial Madness


This is it. After a month of cheering, togetherness, dressing up, shedding some tears once in a while, drinking, eating and celebrating, we had to say goodbye to the 20th World Cup last Sunday, after invincible Germany took the victory Read More

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Why do we go crazy for/at festivals?

Crazy at festivals

Is it the great music, the togetherness vibes, the idolization of the bands… that make us go crazy? Or is there more psychological sh*t behind our strange behavior at festivals? According to Dr. Hans van de Sande, social psychologist at Read More

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What young people add to ads

7 reasons why kids like ads

On June 5th Viacom gathered the best of Belgium’s advertising and advertisers for its Identify Kids and Identify Youth event at Technopolis in Mechelen. It was an inspiring day full of interesting insights on modern-day kids and Millennials. InSites Consulting Read More

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Vinyl or cloud?

Vinyl or cloud?

Millennials are modern hippies. They want stuff for free and they gladly share, especially when it comes to music or happiness. Had young people in the sixties used software, it would have been open source. Don’t you think? They would Read More

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