Smart jewelry: the wearable wearables

Smart jewelry

Whoever said that women and technology don’t match, doesn’t know what they are talking about. On the contrary, women love technology. However, it is remarkable that not many women are excited about the activity-tracking wristbands and smart watches that are Read More

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Taking a break from your digital addiction

Digital addiction

Virtual Reality, the Internet of Things, Wearables… New technologies are assisting us increasingly in our daily functioning. They make our life easier and help us gain time. However, we contribute that time to digital connections and increasingly less to our Read More

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Superfood or superfool?

In the past it used to be as simple as an apple a day to keep you away from the doctor. But today it takes you a spoon of maca powder, a handful of goji berries, a shot of wheatgrass Read More

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Is authenticity still important?

Is authenticity still important?

“There are now, by our rough estimate, 184,597,433,860 references to ‘authenticity’ used to brand products and services.”, according to Eric Pinckert at BrandCulture. This estimate by BrandCulture teaches us that authenticity is in, but the question is: will this be the case Read More

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GIF by Emma Darvick

Human beings are driven by emotions. It is one of the most important aspects of mankind. Emotions transcend logical reasoning. Empathy for instance is what separates us, Homo sapiens, from animals. It is a trait that makes us unique. Everyone Read More

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Is the shareconomy dead?

Is the shareconomy dead

On average, a drill will be used 15 minutes during its lifetime, similarly the average car will be parked 95% of its lifetime. The solution, with the first initiatives being introduced early 2010, is collaborative consumption also referred to as Read More

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A gender-fluid generation

Gender used to be a way to simplify marketing. However, times have changed and people are dreaming of a better world. That’s where gender fluidity comes in. Gender identity isn’t as black and white anymore as female or male. Moreover, Read More

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