A gender-fluid generation

Gender used to be a way to simplify marketing. However, times have changed and people are dreaming of a better world. That’s where gender fluidity comes in. Gender identity isn’t as black and white anymore as female or male. Moreover, Read More

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When I say Millennial, you say….

When I say Millennial, you say

A Millennial’s Attempt At Understanding Research About Her Own Generation – #ResearchAboutMillennials Ever attended a conference presentation feeling like you were in a Discovery Channel documentary about yourself? If so, you’re probably a Millennial. Millennials have been placed in the Read More

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Generation Lazy?

Generation Lazy

After Generations X, Y and Z, are we now up to generation L(azy)? The Internet and technology have become so smart that life is becoming very easy for us. And it will only get better, faster and smarter. Everything we Read More

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