Replay the frAGILE webinar

Replay our frAGILE webinar

Today we hosted our frAGILE: Is NextGen marketing more chemistry than science? webinar with Joeri Van den Bergh. A 1hour live YouTube broadcast on how to speed up your NextGen marketing… In today’s post-truth society change comes rapidly and unexpectedly. We’re living Read More

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Christmas Countdown Calendar Madness

Oooh welcome December, it’s time to kick off the countdown to the most wonderful time of the year. And this year more than ever, there are loads of possibilities to countdown to those cozy days with your loved ones. Forget Read More

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NextGen’s quest for (macro)meaning

NextGen quest for (macro)meaning

NextGen are purpose seekers. While their parents focused on building status and standing out in their careers, these youngsters want to make a career in every aspect of life. On a macro-level, they are on a personal quest for meaningful Read More

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The Agile NextGen Mindset

The Agile NextGen Mindset

In a previous blogpost, we described how NextGen grew up in a fragile world, in which the over-connectedness shaped them into down-to-earth realists who are aware of the fragility both inside and outside their homes. This fragility has affected their Read More

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