Millennials’ consumer confidence

Teens shopping

The holiday season has passed. The season of presents, presents and more presents. However, in these times of economic downturn, this is not that evident, especially for us millennials. Moreover, consumer confidence is becoming more and more important, which is Read More

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The GenY engagement toolbox

Engagement toolbox

One of the biggest fears of a GenYer is to lead a boring life. Bring in your toolbox to keep it exciting and use your top consumers to spread the word. But be aware, you can’t just expect them to Read More

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Be where millennials are

Touchpoint mix

There are so many possibilities to connect with Generation Y, but the challenge lies in managing and integrating all these touch points. The shop in your favourite city is linked to Facebook, where you can find the latest collection you can buy Read More

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Only The Brave survive

Joeri at DIESEL

An exclusive father-son interview with Renzo and Andrea Rosso, the creative brains and hearts behind DIESEL and 55DSL. A few weeks ago I got invited to the headquarters of DIESEL in Breganze, Italy to explain my book’s content to an Read More

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Climate change on Gen Yers agenda?

11 11 11

11.11.11 is a coalition of NGOs, unions, movements and solidarity groups in Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. It combines the efforts of 70 organizations and 340 committees of volunteers who work together to achieve one common goal: a Read More

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Millennials taking over your office

Millennials taking over your office

Have you ever thought about the generation gap in your office? When you look around your office, have you already observed the fact that new coworkers coming in seem to get younger and younger? Well, over the next five years, we’re Read More

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Unique is chic

Unique is chic

While once upon a time being different was considered social suicide, these days unique is chic. Fashion and style to Millennials is all about individuality and most young people want to experiment, they want to be seen as fashionable, they Read More

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