Gen Y Trends: The end of conspicuous branding?

Top Brands

Millennials are increasingly less interested in logo-centric clothes and want unbranded goods more and more. This growing trend for unbranded goods fits, in turn, in another broader trend among Millennials; the increasing trend to create their own personal style. If Read More

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A new generation of travelers

Traveling youth

Millennials are not the travelers their baby boomer parents are. In fact, if you think about it, a GenYer first solo travel experience was most likely a hostel. The social aspect of hostels appeals to them, as it’s a great Read More

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GenYus Campaigns: Dumb ways to die

Dumb ways to die

Young people really don’t listen to safety messages anymore. Generation Y (and the following Generation Z) are often so busy replying to a text or checking their Facebook while waiting for the train or metro to arrive, that they forget Read More

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Infographic: Communication in the digital world

Communication in the digital world

Although ‘Generation Y’ and ‘Millennials’ are the most commonly used names for the generation born between 1980 and 1996, they are also known as the Digital Natives. Digital Natives, as the name already indicates, form the first generation to really Read More

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Infographic: Friends and family


GenYers are born between 1980 and 1996, so most of them grew up with the TV show Friends, which ran from from 1994 to 2004. But in contrast to the series, where the friends became like family to each other, Read More

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Why Millennials love Tomorrowland


Exactly one week ago, by this time, my four friends and I were jumping around, feeling happy and excited (almost crying), but at the same time also very curious. Why? Because the moment we had been waiting for, for months, Read More

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