Bitstrips: Life as a comic?

Bitstrips logo

Maybe you’ve seen them already on your Facebook? Some find them extremely annoying, others just can’t get enough of them. Bitstrips, the app that turns your life into a personal comic. It’s some sort of YouTube for comics where you Read More

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Say hello to the world of Selfies

V-day selfie

Selfies are everywhere. You only have to look on Instagram these days to see a flood of teen selfies. I just did the math myself; a quick ‘go-through’ of my Instagram account and some selfies immediately pop up. These days, Read More

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Generation Y: global citizens

Global citizenship

Spain, France, Germany, UK… Those are the top destinations for Gen Y students to study abroad. If this generation does not study abroad, then they will probably plan a journey around the world or spend a few months in some Read More

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And they lived happilY…

And they lived happily ever after

Weddings; I wonder what comes to mind when you think about this word… Some of you will think: “Not my thing at all”, others will think “I cannot wait to organize my dream wedding in a big castle with my Read More

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Living offline

Living offline

Imagine your life without the option of going on the Internet or using your smartphone. Older generations might think:” When I was young, there was no Internet nor did we have cell phones, so yes, it is not that difficult”. Read More

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