Infographic: How millennials eat

Millennial eating

I recently encountered this infographic by Splendid Communications on the eating behavior of Generation Y. Offering facts and figures on where they eat, what they like/dislike, what influences their eating behavior… Millennials are the most marketing savvy generation ever and Read More

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Get youngsters interested in your shop

Millennial shopper

As published in StoreCheck Magazine on March 20, 2013, an interview by Erik Verdonck. How do you get youngsters interested in your shop? How do you bring the carefully prepared brand experience to the shelf? StoreCheck asked Joeri Van den Read More

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Marketing to Millennials with Social Media

Marketing to Millennials with Social Media

Gen Y, the bread-and-butter marketing target of today’s hot new brands, is the most socially connected generation yet. Also known as Millennials, these customers are considered pragmatic, discerning and possessed of high standards regarding corporate social responsibility, and consumer goods Read More

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