The rise of secret social media

Secret social media

Tired of scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, refreshing your Twitter home page and flipping through your Instagram feed? You are not alone! An increasing number of people feel the same way about the constant bombardment of baby pictures, engagement announcements Read More

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Move it or lose it: How Millennials stay fit

Move it or lose it

Just like chocolate Santas and candy canes, a gym membership is a seasonable product. After waking up from the food coma induced by the heavy holiday meals (and the aforementioned Christmas candy canes), consumers find themselves craving a healthier lifestyle. Read More

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All we want for Christmas is…

Best Holiday gifts

Well, we know what Mariah Carey wants every single Christmas, but what do WE want? Yes, we have to face it: the Christmas trees are out, Christmas markets have opened their stalls all around the world and wish lists have Read More

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