The Millennial Bucket List

Millennials want it all

As much as we fuss over how different Millennials are, some of their preferences are the same as those of their predecessors. When reviewing the results of a recent Millennial InSites Consulting survey, it became apparent that while some areas of Read More

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The Millennial effect on technology

Moore’s Law, a term originated in the seventies, states that the overall processing power for computers would double every two years. This means that technical evolution and the information processing capacity will reach its limits at some point. Moore’s Law Read More

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Is your brand ready for Generation Z?

Is your brand ready for Generation Z?

Today’s brands are changing faster than ever in order to stay relevant to younger generations and with it come both opportunities and pitfalls that need to be accounted for. Generation Z is the latest hot topic in marketing and consumer Read More

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The future of the (digital) music industry

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s recent decision to remove her music from Spotify had the Internet in an uproar. The 25-year-old pop/country singer has released many chart topping songs and has a sizable fan base. Her decision to stop streaming her music stems Read More

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