What young people add to ads

7 reasons why kids like ads

On June 5th Viacom gathered the best of Belgium’s advertising and advertisers for its Identify Kids and Identify Youth event at Technopolis in Mechelen. It was an inspiring day full of interesting insights on modern-day kids and Millennials. InSites Consulting Read More

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Vinyl or cloud?

Vinyl or cloud?

Millennials are modern hippies. They want stuff for free and they gladly share, especially when it comes to music or happiness. Had young people in the sixties used software, it would have been open source. Don’t you think? They would Read More

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5 Paradoxical Consumer Trends

Five paradoxical consumer trends

Early 2014, five trend watchers teamed up to share their views on the consumer and societal evolutions for 2014 and beyond. In a brand-new consumer trends paper, we gathered 5 paradoxical trends defining the consumer of today and of the future. Read More

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