All we want for Christmas is…

Best Holiday gifts

Well, we know what Mariah Carey wants every single Christmas, but what do WE want? Yes, we have to face it: the Christmas trees are out, Christmas markets have opened their stalls all around the world and wish lists have Read More

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Millennials &%#@! love Science

Millennials and science

What is it that we find appealing about science? It’s probably not the technical, arduous process of conducting an experiment. It probably also has little to do with lab coats, hazardous chemicals, cell compositions or any other mundane-looking aspect. (In Read More

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The changing face of luxury

Times have changed for the luxury industry. Traditional luxury brands are still earning money in emerging Eastern European, Asian and LATAM markets where the rise of a mid-class, looking for prestige brands that radiate their freshly earned status, is fuelling Read More

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