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Pedro De Bruyckere

Artevelde Hogeschool

Pedro De Bruyckere (@thebandb) is co-author of ‘Is het nu generatie X, Y of Einstein.' He is researcher & teacher at the Arteveldehogeschool University College and hopes to finish his PHD on the perception of authenticity in school in 2012. He is an often asked public speaker and keeps a blog on youth research and education (in dutch). You can read this blog on www.xyofeinstein.be.

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Scientific research: What is cool all about?

James Dean

It sounds rather like a commercial study, but researchers at the Medical Center of Rochester University investigated how ‘cool’ evolved through time. Would we still consider Miles Davis or James Dean to be cool? Researcher Dan Nimrod clearly says no: “James Read More

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The demographic truth behind Gen Y

The demographic truth behind Gen Y

There are a lot of interesting perspectives on youth. Brain development, trends, psychology… The combination is the best, but also the hardest. I know that picking just one element out of the complex world is very limited, but the strange Read More

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