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Joeri Van den Bergh

InSites Consulting

Joeri Van den Bergh is the co-founder of InSites Consulting, a global ‘new generation’ research agency with offices in Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. He has extensive experience of all aspects of branding, marketing and advertising to kids, teens and young adults. His clients include global customers such as Lego, Nokia, Sony, MTV Networks, Danone, Unilever and Coca-Cola, for whom he has provided research and advice on how to target the youth market. As author and contributor to numerous jounals, he also lectures throughout the world on marketing topics.

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Let’s get personal with NextGen

Next up in our NextGen (Gen Y & Z) DNA characteristics series is the third DNA aspect: ‘I am making it’, in other words: personalization. One of the questions we asked in our global cross-generational study to four different generations Read More

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The Scandinavian way of working? Lagom!

The Scandinavian model - working by the Lagom principle

Whereas Silicon Valley is widely considered to be the economic darling of this era, Scandinavia is often appraised on a more societal level, providing a rich balance of personal comfort, economic strength and overall societal welfare to its inhabitants. This Read More

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