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Joeri Van den Bergh

InSites Consulting

Joeri Van den Bergh is the co-founder of InSites Consulting, a global ‘new generation’ research agency with offices in Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. He has extensive experience of all aspects of branding, marketing and advertising to kids, teens and young adults. His clients include global customers such as Lego, Nokia, Sony, MTV Networks, Danone, Unilever and Coca-Cola, for whom he has provided research and advice on how to target the youth market. As author and contributor to numerous jounals, he also lectures throughout the world on marketing topics.

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The Snappy Generation

NextGen DNA

This series of 4 articles will shed a light on the 4 key DNA aspects of what is called NextGen – a combination of Millennials or Gen Y (currently the young adult generation of 21-36 year olds) and their successors Read More

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Vlerick Next Gen Marketing Battle

Vlerick NextGen Marketing Battle

Today’s younger generations (Gen Y and Gen Z) have skills, preferences and attitudes that challenge traditional marketing models. As they are both the professionals and customers of the future, brands have much to gain by interacting and co-creating with these Read More

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