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Galentine's Day How brands are jumping on the Galentine’s Day bandwagon

Although the number of singles is growing every year (one of the key trends of the frAGILE bookzine), with recent figures of Euromonitor projecting that 120 million new single households will be added by 2030, being single around February is never a pleasant thing. As February 14th is peeking round the corner, we are massively getting the spread-your-love lecture with social media bombarding us with cheesy love quotes, lists of the best gifts to surprise your partner and the most romantic date ideas, not to mention the red hearts overload coloring shop widows.

It is a fact that Valentine’s Day does not only (if at all) represent a shout out to love, but it is a big commercial event with, according to the National Retail Federation, $18.2 billion being spend in the US during this holiday of love. The average American spends around $136.57 on flowers, jewelry, chocolates,… and even gifts for their pets (the same survey showed that about 20% of US consumers buys their pet a Valentine’s gift) in the period leading up to this day.

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: The average American spends around $136.57 on flowers, jewelry, chocolates… for #ValentinesDay insit.es/2G76DKg by @KPallini via @CoolBrands #mrx #nationalretailfederation #seasonoflove #retail #Valentinespending #nextgen

You might think “ugh”, if you are one of those resenting this fake feast of love … and guess what, there is a market for that too, with events popping up in major cities celebrating anti-Valentine’s day. In London they are holding a F**k Tinder London event where during a comedy show people can meet face to face without the use of dating apps. Also for the sixth year in a row, dating app Bumble is organizing an Anti-Valentine night of UV table tennis, smashing heart-shaped piñata’s and cocktails. Party people are asked to follow the strict anti-Valentine’s rules and there is even Love Police on call to capture mugshots of any romance rebels.

Since a couple of years, a whole new celebration has entered the scene – which can be the rescue to all those resenting the holiday of love. Meet Galentine’s Day, a concept that initially started as a sitcom joke on the American series Parks and Recreation.

Galentine, taking place on February 13th is all about celebrating your besties, gals (think sisters before misters) during a boozy brunch or cheesy pajama nights. With more singles out there, it is clear this day will keep on marking people’s calendar in the years to come.

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: Meet #GalentinesDay, the new holiday that is all about female friendships, celebrating your gals (Feb 13) insit.es/2G76DKg by @KPallini via @CoolBrands #singles #singleton #newhouseholds #retail #ValentinesDay #nextgen

Brands are also seizing their fair share of Galentine, with greeting cards and gift ideas rising for the occasion. Pinterest has seen a 245 percent increase in the UK of pins tagged for the occasion, going from pink cocktails to unicorn doughnuts.

So whether you have a date on the 14th or not, don’t waste the night sobbing on the sofa with Netflix and ice-cream. Just like we have seen the breakdown of traditional relationships where youngsters buy properties together, celebrating friends love is the new normal. And if you want to give your single self a little gift, there are even subscription boxes celebrating self-love for single women (an example is Single Swag, which by the way is a must-follow on Instagram if you want to join the anti-valentine and cheesy-love revolution with a funny twist).

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: How brands are seizing their fair share of #Galentine with greeting cards & gift ideas insit.es/2G76DKg by @KPallini via @CoolBrands #GalentinesDay #Feb13 #retail #mrx #newhouseholds #singles #nextgen

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