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Smart jewelry Smart jewelry: the wearable wearables

Whoever said that women and technology don’t match, doesn’t know what they are talking about. On the contrary, women love technology. However, it is remarkable that not many women are excited about the activity-tracking wristbands and smart watches that are currently available on the market.

One of the reasons and probably the main reason for the limited interest in the first-mentioned devices, the activity tracking devices is that they don’t look like they can be worn outside the gym. The first activity-tracking devices were largely focused on health-tracking functions, like counting steps, measuring burned calories and tracking sleep patterns. A few well-known examples of these devices are Nike + Fuel Band and Fitbit Flex. Yet in spite of their benefits, their sporty design doesn’t really fit with women’s expectations to be part of a woman’s everyday life.

The second-mentioned devices, the smart watches seem to be unpopular with the ladies both for their designs and probably the level of technology they provide. Women don’t want to wear something on their wrist that calls out TECHNOLOGY in big letters. It also seems like solely men are being targeted given their robust design. Except for Apple Watch, since its collection of smart watches is very varied and also contains a female-targeted line. But then again, women probably don’t necessarily need all that high-levelled technology on their wrist. Still, this doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t like to enjoy some of the benefits of the wearable technology.

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Today, a lot of start-ups have noticed this need of modern women and have begun to design jewelry that can do much more than just look good. They are called smart jewelry. A new and more female-targeted line of these devices is starting to emerge. The next generation of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings will be connected to your smartphone and will provide women with the benefits of a smart watch and an activity-tracking device. They can keep up with your fitness routine and health by tracking your activities and measuring burned calories, the velocity of your activities and even your sleep patterns. Moreover, they can also notify you when there is an incoming call, a text or something else; they can even keep you safe.

Start-ups like Ringly and VINAYA very quickly realized this problem and have created some smart jewelry which can track activities and send notifications. Altruis, a VINAYA production, consists of smart ring, bracelet and pendant that can notify you through vibrations when someone sends you a message containing predetermined keywords. This way you can choose to get only notifications when someone important is trying to reach you. Ringly, a smart ring by the start-up Ringly, also notifies you through vibrations. Four vibrations patterns and five colors can be mapped to meeting alerts, calls, texts, Uber arriving and Facebook and Twitter notifications.

Smart jewelry

The big fashion industry could of course not lag behind and has begun to produce and market smart jewelry too. Following this trend, Swarovski has launched its Shine Collection, one of its first activity-tracking jewelry ranges. The collection, which consists of bracelet and pendant, can measure your daily activities and quality of sleep. Besides this tracking function, they also tell the time. By double-tapping Shine, you can enable the clock feature. The time is synchronized with the time on your mobile device. The time will light up on the crystal and the minutes will be shown through blinking.

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Swarovski Shine

Fossil has also noticed this and launched its Fossil Q Collection, which consists of the Q Grant, Q Dreamer and Q Reveler, all providing the benefits of customized notifications and activity tracking. However, the Q Grant offers you an extra benefit, as it is equipped with a classic case and chronograph movement. In contrast to the Q Dreamer and Q Reveler, which are bracelets without the option of telling the time.

Fossil Q collection

Rebecca Minkoff, a player in luxury handbags, accessories, footwear and apparel, has also added a smart jewelry item to its collection: a gold chain-link bracelet that silently alerts you through vibrations in case of important calls and texts.

Smart jewelry is definitely on the rise, since (wo)men these days will prefer jewelry that can add more convenience to their lives and at the same time look good. I believe that Millennials in particular will embrace this technology, since it offers them the possibility to escape from all the distraction on their smartphone and to get back to real life. As a generation they have been submerged in technology for a long time and some of most of them are leading a very busy life, dominated by their constantly ringing and buzzing smartphone. Above that, the fact that these devices can help women keep track of their fitness routine and health makes them even more attractive.

The fashion industry will be forced to keep up with this trend if they want to keep their customers. It might even be possible that all jewelry will have to be smart in the near future… A good-looking accessory, which can also add more convenience to a (wo)man’s life.

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