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How to get Millennials to love your event How to get Millennials to love your events

What was the last event you attended? Was it a show, a concert, a fundraiser, a party or something else? Regardless of what the purpose of the event was, what is important is how to create an event that appeals to the guests you hope to welcome. If those desired guests include Millennials, this could be tricky territory to navigate. The features that Millennials look for in events line up with their general preferences. Results from a recent InSites Consulting survey help us deduce some general features that Millennials seek in events and offer advice on how to incorporate these preferences.

The results in the table below depict the characteristics of events which most impress Millennials. It comes as no surprise that the Millennials’ most desired characteristic is, well, surprises!

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Key characteristics of events which most impress Millennials

The Millennial trend of Serendipity has become increasingly popular amongst marketers and is popping up in advertising campaigns. An example in recent marketing is this McDonald’s Super Bowl Commercial. The customers’ surprise when they realize they pay with love instead of money is a perfect example of serendipity.

Given this rising trend, it makes sense that Millennials prefer events to surprise them. Surprising events may include previously unannounced singers performing at a concert, unexpected events entirely (such as surprise parties or events that are ultimately a lot more exciting than originally announced). These surprises appeal to Millennials because they have grown up in a society where algorithms try to predict behavior and everything is scheduled rigorously. Unexpected occurrences put the human element back into events and provide a breath of fresh air to the overscheduled Millennials.

This event preference goes hand in hand with the 42% of Millennials who were impressed by events that made them happy. Millennials are happy when events surprise them, but events can also make them happy in other ways. Events should be exciting and cheerful to meet the top 2 Millennials’ event preferences.

Hot tweetawayHot tweetaway: #Millennials love events that surprise and excite them insit.es/1DoY1Iu by @Joeri_InSites via @CoolBrands #coolbrands #mrx #geny

Interesting to note about these trends is that there is little fluctuation across countries. While many survey questions in our global youth research yielded fluctuating results across countries and cultures, the order of preference seems not to fluctuate significantly between the 13 countries involved in the survey. This provides further backing to the serendipity trend as a global phenomenon.

Creating Millennial-friendly events may not be easy but the guidelines are clear: surprise and excite them!

Co-written with Gila Allswang, trainee at InSites Consulting’s New York office

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